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Phone  +7 (495) 99 164 99

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Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Difficulties and Problems, Stress, Bereavement, Sexuality, Addiction, Eating Disorders, Psychosomatic Issues, Life as an Expat, Loneliness, Work Conflict, Interpersonal Conflict

Jeannot A. Lebo is a French Psychiatrist-Psychotherapist, originally from Paris, and has a private practice in which he offers psychotherapy for the International community.

Having been an expatriate, who has lived in Moscow for 14 years, he has a good appreciation of the challenges and difficulties faced by the international community working and living abroad. He incorporates a variety of psychological approaches in his work, tailor making interventions to suit each individual client’s needs and way of being. He works with individuals, couples, families and groups. Jeannot is a therapist who is compassionate, respectful, straight talking and insightful.