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Phone  +7 (495) 99 164 99


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European Centre for Mental Development (ECMD) - a medical center that works in areas of treatment, correction and development of the human psyche. ERRC founded in 2009 by Dr. Jeannot - French psychiatrist-psychotherapist with 32 years experience.

  • Our goal

    help a person cope with the difficulties and develop their personalities. To do this, we combine various techniques and form an individual program.

  • Our uniqueness

    combination of Western practices and Russian specifics + use in treatment programs audiovokalnyh training (AVT) by the method of the French otolaryngologist Alfred Tomatis.

  • Our approach

    attract and unite professionals with experience in various areas of research and practice related to the human psyche.

ERRC - the only medical center in Moscow, the Tomatis Method practitioner under medical supervision. If you need qualified medical help and Tomatis method in Moscow - contact us! We opened for Russia Tomatis method and practice it in Moscow medical centers since 2005. 99% of patients (most of them children) feel the improvement and feel positive. Talking about this Review Tomatis method obtained in our center.